Incinerator Operator 2: A description for the incinerator operator 2 job

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Incinerator Operator 2 – Controls operation of multiple-hearth incinerator furnaces and related equipment to burn sludge in wastewater treatment plant: Pushes buttons and turns valves to ignite burners, release combustion air, add fuel, control hearth dampers, set hearth temperatures, and set length of burning cycles. Observes meters and gauges on central control room panel to verify that flows, pressures, and temperatures are within specifications. Turns controls to make routine adjustments, following standard procedures. Notifies worker controlling sludge filter press to adjust feed rate of waste material into incinerator hopper to maintain incinerator efficiency. Opens hearth doors and observes operation of waste raking mechanism to verify that burned residue is swept to succeeding hearth. Periodically records specified meter and gauge readings on incinerator log. Calculates and records values for number of tons of waste material fed per hour and quantity of auxiliary fuel burned per ton of waste material, to document efficiency of incinerator operation. Monitors and adjusts controls of auxiliary equipment, for example exhaust emissions, scrubbers, and incinerator heat recovery unit, following prescribed procedures. Removes and cleans equipment parts, for example valves, burners, and oxygen analyzers, following manuals and using handtools.

Job industry: sanitary services

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