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Incising Machine Operator: Perforating-machine operator Operates machine to perforate wood products, for example timbers, ties, or poles, to facilitate penetration of wood preservatives: Installs knife-studded incising rollers in machine and sets roller stops according to size of material being processed, using hand wrenches and pry bar. Turns air valve to regulate pressure on incising rollers and starts machine and conveyor system. Signals other workers to load or move timbers or poles onto conveyor or powered feeding tram. Moves levers or presses pedal to regulate speed of conveyor and opening of incisor rollers to accommodate various size timbers and poles. Examines rollers, knives, bearings, and conveyor mechanisms, and replaces worn or broken parts, using handtools. May also operate discharge conveyor with lifting controls to unload poles onto ramp or into water. May also operate trim saw to square ends on poles. May also brand poles or timbers, using branding hammer. May also be designated according to product processed as Pole-Incisor Operator (wood products), Timber-Incisor Operator (wood products).

Job industry: wood products

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