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Inspector 22 I – Inspects and tests electrical household appliances, for example ranges, water heaters, and food mixers for appearance and mechanical and electrical characteristics, using testing devices and handtools: Examines metal, glass, and enamel surfaces for scratches, dents, and color matching. Observes alignment of doors, panels, and control dials with adjacent parts. Opens doors and sliding compartments to inspect movement along guides and operation of catches. Taps panels, housing, frame, or frame supports, using fiber hammer, to eliminate binding or align bearings with armature shaft. Connects unit with power source and testing devices, for example wattmeter, voltmeter, and potentiometer. Runs unit through operating cycles, observes meters, and compares readings against standards to determine electrical characteristics. Observes mechanical operation of parts, for example nozzles, blowers, pulleys, and transmission. Records information on inspection ticket. May also wrap wire racks, pans, glass, and burner irons in paper and install fiber packing. May also specialize in inspection of appearance and mechanical operation and be designated Appliance Inspector (appliances industry). May also specialize in electrical testing and be designated Appliance Tester (appliances industry).

Job industry: appliances industry

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