Jobs In Assembly Of Storage Batteries: A description for the jobs in assembly of storage batteries group

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Jobs In Assembly Of Storage Batteries – This job group consists off jobs regarding to assembling grids, plates, separators, and connectors to form wet- and dry-cell batteries, and filling with electrolyte.

Job descriptions in this group:
Burning Forming And Assembly Supervisor
Dry Cell Assembly Supervisor
Battery Recharger
Battery Repairer
Dry Cell Tester
Storage Battery Inspector And Tester
Battery Tester
Acid Adjuster
Battery Charger
Machine Lead Burner
Dry Cell Battery Assembler
Battery Assembler
Plastic Battery Assembler
Cell Repairer
Lead Burner
Small Battery Plate Assembler
Sealer 2
Plate Slitter And Inspector
Acid Dumper
Acid Filler
Aluminum Container Tester
Dry Cell And Battery Assembler
Conveyor Line Battery Charger
Battery Stacker
Battery Container Finishing Hand
Battery Parts Assembler
Cell Coverer
Hand Cell Tuber
Electric Container Tester
Final Inspector 1
Forming Process Line Worker
Inspector 21 I
Container Finishing Inspector
Lead Burner Helper
Molded Parts Inspector
Spark Tester
Wafer Line Worker

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