Forming Process Line Worker: A description for the forming process line worker job

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Forming Process Line Worker – Performs any combination of following tasks pertaining to forming (treating) storage battery plates: Positions plates or elements in forming tank. Breaks forming lugs from formed plates and pulls lead wires from lugs, using pliers. Collects wires and lugs for salvage. Cleans lugs on positive plates, using brush. Washes formed plates to remove forming acid in running water bath. Stacks washed plates on drying machine. Stacks batteries in specified polarity arrangement on forming trucks. Attaches connectors preparatory to forming. Slides positive and negative plates into slots of partitions that prevent buckling during forming process. Ascertains voltage of batteries, using voltmeter, and adjusts rheostat to regulate current. Reads meter to detect deviations in discharge rate from prescribed range. Removes connectors from posts and plates from forming tanks. Dumps forming acid from batteries. Refills treated batteries with finishing acid. Pumps used forming acid to reclaiming tanks and cleans reclaiming tanks, using brushes, scrapers, and water hose. May also be designated according to task performed as Battery Plate Remover (electrical industry), Lug-Breaker-And-Wire-Puller (electrical industry), Plate-Put-In Worker (electrical industry), Plate Washer (electrical industry), Tank Cleaner (electrical industry).

Job industry: electrical industry

Other job descriptions:
Forming Process Line Worker
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