Plastic Battery Assembler: A description for the plastic battery assembler job

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Plastic Battery Assembler – Performs any combination of following tasks to prepare and assemble components of plastic-cased batteries: Places state-of-charge indicator in case in prescribed channel position and attaches glass mat to rear surface of ball channel, using adhesive. Applies liquid-level lines to case according to drawing, using marking devices. Inserts bushings in post openings in cover to provide leak-proof junction between post and cover. Places filler-plugs and washers in cover and attaches baffle plate to cell vent to reduce acid spray during charging. Inserts (interleaves) separators of specified size between plates of elements and applies liner to exposed edges and outside plates to insulate surfaces and serve as reservoir for electrolyte. Fits baffle plate onto top of element and between connecting straps to protect tops of separators and reduce acid spray during charging. Inserts cells in single or multicell containers according to specified polarity arrangement. Tests each cell electrically by determining resistance of cell to flow of applied current of specified voltage, using meter. Lubricates inner surface of bushings in cover. Applies cement to top edge of container and positions cover. Places clamps on cover to apply pressure until cement sets. Removes clamps. Fuses wire or cast terminals to posts, using torch. Inspects battery for defects. Applies air pressure to battery submerged in water to detect leaks. Dates, codes, and labels case, using marking and labeling devices. Inspects finished batteries for appearance and packages and seals batteries in cartons.

Job industry: electrical industry

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