Knitting Jobs Except Hosiery: A description for the knitting jobs except hosiery group

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Knitting Jobs Except Hosiery – This job group consists off jobs regarding to interlacing a strand of yarn or thread in a series of connected loops to make a fabric or a knitted product other than hosiery.

Job descriptions in this group:
Knitting 2 Supervisor
Knitter Mechanic
Link And Link Knitting Machine Operator
Jacquard Plate Maker
Hand Frame Surgical Elastic Knitter
Full Fashioned Garment Knitter
Knitting Machine Operator
Warp Knitting Machine Operator
Crochet Machine Operator
Pattern Wheel Maker
Knitting Machine Operator 1
Pattern Assembler
Fringing Machine Operator
Knitting Machine Operator Helper
Cloth Inspector
Cuff Folder
Lace Winder
Patroller 1

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