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Knitting Machine Operator – Knitter, knitter, machine Tends one or more machines that knit fabrics, garment parts, or other articles from yarn: Creels machine and ties end of yarn to yarn in machine or threads yarn through guides, tension springs, stop-motion devices, and yarn carrier or needles, using hook. Starts machine and laps end of tubular or flat knitted goods around takeup roller. Observes knitting to detect yarn breaks, exhausted yarn packages, and knitting defects. Ties broken yarn ends, replaces exhausted yarn packages, and notifies KNITTING-MACHINE FIXER (knitting industry) 689.260-026 of mechanical defects. Cuts knitted fabric, using scissors, and doffs roll of cloth from machine. May also mark ticket to indicate number of holes in knitted goods. May also replace defective needles, using needle pliers or wrench. May also weigh roll of knitted goods and record weight. May also oil machine. May also be designated according to type of machine tended as Circular Knitter (knitting industry), Flat Knitter (knitting industry). May also be designated according to type of fabric knitted as Jersey Knitter (knitting industry), Pile-Fabric Knitter (knitting industry), Rib-Cloth Knitter (knitting industry), or garment part as Collar Knitter (knitting industry), Cuff Knitter (knitting industry).

Job industry: knitting industry

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