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Laborer: Performs any combination of following tasks in slaughtering and meat packing establishment: Holds meat while it is being cut. Straightens and washes carcasses or parts on conveyor lines. Distributes meat to various work areas for further processing, using cart. Scrapes excess meat from surfaces of filled casings, for example sausages and bologna, and hangs them on conveyor racks. Pushes conveyor racks, hanging attachments, and meat carts, to various departments. Unloads smoked meats from conveyor racks and weighs, stamps, and tags them. Removes empty trolleys from overhead rail and places them in chute or onto other rails. Trucks empty ham molds to washing machines for cleaning process. Loads meat onto conveyor racks, carts, worktables, or trucks, using hook. Transports offal (carcass waste) from killing floor to rendering room and dumps offal into tankage cookers. Weighs and sacks rendered inedible offal. Fills ice trucks, using shovel. Stacks cartons of meat products on pallets or trucks and moves load to shipping or storage areas, using hand or power operated truck. Pushes meat through spray cabinet to wash meat. Washes equipment and utensils, using water hose and spray cabinet. Sweeps and washes railroad refrigeration cars. May also cut specific parts for example hooves or tendons, using knife.

Job industry: meat industry

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