Melting Jobs: A description for the melting jobs group

Processing Jobs » Ore Refining And Foundry Jobs » Melting Jobs

Melting Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to heating ore concentrate or metal to change it from solid to liquid for such purposes as compounding with other materials, refining, and preparing for casting.

Job descriptions in this group:
Reduction Plant Supervisor
Melter Supervisor
Reclamation Supervisor
Remelt Furnace Expediter
Blast Furnace Supervisor
Pot Room Supervisor
First Helper
Furnace Operator
Furnace Operator 1
Oxygen Furnace Operator
Stove Tender
Tin Recovery Worker
Potline Monitor
Metal Control Worker
Cupola Tender
Furnace Helper 1
Pyrometer Temperature Regulator
Charging Machine Operator
Second Helper
Furnace Charger
Furnace Tender
Nozzle Tender
Pot Tender
Metal Reclamation Kettle Tender
Cupola Charger
Condenser Setter
Third Helper

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