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Furnace Charger: Fettler Performs any combination of following tasks to charge smelting furnaces with aluminum scrap and ingots, and other nonferrous metals, as well as ore, coke, flux, and other materials: Moves levers to open and close furnace doors and to pour specified materials into furnace. Moves controls of charging machine to lift, insert, and dump materials into furnace, or shovels materials into furnace, using hood shovel. Draws samples of molten metal from furnace for laboratory analysis. Reviews laboratory report to determine that smelting is within specified standards, and computes types and amounts of materials to add to furnace to correct smelting, using calculator. Rakes dross or flux from furnace, using skimming tool. Maintains production records of materials charged into furnace. May also weigh out specified amounts of materials to be charged into furnace, using scale. May also operate industrial dump or lift truck to transport, hoist, and dump scrap or refined aluminum into charging machine or furnace. May also operate bucket loader to hoist, convey, and dump aluminum ore, coke, and flux into hopper of smelting furnace.

Job industry: primary industry smelting mill industry

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