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Furnace Operator 1: Air-furnace operator, caster, investment casting, pit-furnace melter, rotary-furnace operator Controls gas, oil, coal, electric-arc, or electric induction furnace to melt metal prior to casting: Weighs out specified amounts of metal ingots and scrap metal, and charges metal into furnace by hand, using hoist, or by directing crane operator to charge furnace. Loads molten metal into furnace, using transfer ladle. Turns valves to regulate injection of fuel and air into furnace, or moves controls to regulate flow of electricity and water coolant through electrodes to heat furnace to specified temperature. Observes color of metal and instruments, for example voltmeter, ammeter, wattmeter, and pyrometer, and adjusts controls to maintain specified temperature. Sprinkles fluxing agent over surface of molten metal to bring impurities to surface, forming layer of slag. Skims off slag, using strainer. Removes crucible containing molten metal from furnace, using hoist, moves levers to tilt crucible or open crucible door, or breaks clay plug to pour metal into ladle for transportation to molds. Removes test sample of molten metal from crucible, using hand ladle, and pours it into mold. Records data from each melt on form. Positions new electrodes over worn electrodes in electric-arc furnace, using overhead crane, and screws electrodes together, using chain wrench. May also transport crucible or ladle to pouring station and pour metal into molds. May also be designated according to type of furnace operated as Electric-Arc-Furnace Operator (foundry) (smelting) (mill industry), Furnace Operator, Oil Or Gas (foundry), Induction-Furnace Operator (foundry), Tilting-Furnace Operator, Oil Or Gas (foundry).

Job industry: foundry mill industry

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