Melting Pouring Casting And Related Jobs: A description for the melting pouring casting and related jobs group

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Melting Pouring Casting And Related Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to heating metal to change it from a solid to a liquid state, pouring it into a mold or other receptacle and allowing or causing it to solidify.

Job descriptions in this group:
Casting And Pasting Supervisor
Shot Dropper
Punch Molder
Bullet Slug Casting Machine Operator
Fluoroscope Operator
Pewter Caster
Caster 1
Automatic Casting Machine Operator
Rotor Casting Machine Operator
Blast Furnace Keeper
Steel Pourer
Steel Pourer Helper
Bullet Casting Operator
Casting Machine Operator
Centrifugal Casting Machine Operator
Lead Caster
Mill Helper
Mold Setter
Needle Leader
Lead Ingot Molder
Casting Machine Operator Helper
Blast Furnace Keeper Helper
Lead Caster Helper

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