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Rotor Casting Machine Operator: Die-casting machine operator Sets up and operates die press, using demountable dies (dies with interchangeable parts) to cast motor and generator rotors: Stacks rotor core laminations [LAMINATION ASSEMBLER (electrical industry)] and mounts them over keyed mandrel secured to die base of casting machine. Verifies skew of core slots, using fixed gauge and places die shell and top plate over assembly and secures with C-clamp. Loads aluminum bar stock into pot-type furnace. Observes thermocouple dial and turns gas valve to regulate temperature of molten metal. Lines cylinder pot with asbestos strips and disk to prevent chilling. Pours specified amount of molten aluminum into cylinder, using hand ladle. Loads die and lamination assembly into press cavity and closes door. Pulls levers to activate die rams that force molten aluminum through and around laminations and eject cast rotor from press cylinder. Removes and stamps rotor with identifying data.

Job industry: electrical industry

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