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Pewter Caster: Casts pewter alloy to form parts for goblets, candlesticks, and other pewterware: Places pewter ingots into cauldron and turns controls to heat cauldron to specified temperature. Stirs molten alloy and skims off impurities, using skimmer. Sands inside of mold parts to remove glaze residue, using emery cloth, applies new glaze, using paint brush, and sets mold parts aside to dry. Assembles mold, wraps mold in heat-resistant cloth, and ladles molten alloy into mold opening. Manually rotates mold to distribute alloy in mold and prevent formation of air pockets. Strikes mold to separate dried casting from mold, using knocker. Repeats casting process until specified number of parts are cast. Trims gates and sharp joints from cast parts, using bandsaw. Carries trimmed castings to storage area. Periodically weighs and mixes alloy ingredients according to formulas and knowledge of ingredient chemical qualities, heats mixture to specified temperature, and fills molds to form ingots from which parts are cast. May also cast items, using other equipment, for example temporary molds or casting machines.

Job industry: jewelry industry

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