Metalworking Machinery Mechanics: A description for the metalworking machinery mechanics group

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Metalworking Machinery Mechanics – This job group consists off jobs regarding to repairing general purpose and specialized metal-cutting, welding, and metal-forming machines, accessories, and related equipment. The repair of general purpose and specialized nonmetallic cutting, welding, and forming machines, accessories, and related equipment is also included when the machines and machine tools repaired are those commonly applied to the working of metal.

Job descriptions in this group:
Welding Equipment Repairer Supervisor
Forge Shop Machine Repairer
Welding Systems And Equipment Repairer
Welding Brazing And Burning Machines Repairer
Case Finishing Machine Adjuster
Gas Welding Equipment Mechanic
Hydraulic Press Servicer
Welding Equipment Repairer

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