Mechanics And Machinery Repairers: A description for the mechanics and machinery repairers division

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Mechanics And Machinery Repairers – This job division consists off jobs regarding to installing, inspecting, testing, repairing, rebuilding, and maintaining in efficient operating condition all types of engines and a wide variety of mechanical equipment designed for general or specific application in domestic, commercial, industrial, and agricultural activities. Jobs in this division typically require knowledge of the structural and functional characteristics of specific machines or types of machines, and include such tasks as locating and drilling holes, aligning structural and moving parts, and occasionally operating machine tools to remove excess material from semifinished or repaired parts. Jobs regarding to assembling new or rebuilt heavy machines, for example turbines and presses, in machine shop or erection shop, involving close tolerance machining and hand finishing of castings and other machine parts, are included in Division 60. Jobs regarding to machine setup and adjustment only are included in groups covering operation of the same machines.

Job groups in this division:
Motorized Vehicle And Engineering Equipment Mechanics And Repairers
Aircraft Mechanics And Repairers
Rail Equipment Mechanics And Repairers
Marine Mechanics And Repairers
Farm Mechanics And Repairers
Engine Power Transmission And Related Mechanics
Metalworking Machinery Mechanics
Printing And Publishing Mechanics And Repairers
Textile Machinery And Equipment Mechanics And Repairers
Special Industry Machinery Mechanics
General Industry Mechanics And Repairers
Powerplant Mechanics And Repairers
Ordnance And Accessories Mechanics And Repairers
Business And Commercial Machine Repairers
Utilities Service Mechanics And Repairers
Miscellaneous Jobs In Machine Installation And Repair
Mechanics And Machinery Repairers Nec

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