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Motor Vehicle Assembler – Quality worker, team member Assembles motor vehicles, for example automobiles, trucks, buses, or limousines, at assigned work stations on moving assembly line, performing any combination of following repetitive tasks according to specifications and using handtools, power tools, welding equipment, and production fixtures: Loads stamped metal body components into automated welding equipment that welds together components to form body subassemblies. Positions and fastens together body subassemblies, for example side frames, underbodies, doors, hoods, and trunk lids, to assemble vehicle bodies and truck cabs preparatory to body welding process. Bolts, screws, clips, or otherwise fastens together parts to form subassemblies, for example doors, seats, instrument control panels, steering columns, and axle units. Installs mechanical and electrical components and systems, for example engine, transmission, and axle units, pumps, wire harnesses, instrument control panels, and exhaust, brake, and air-conditioning systems. Fits and adjusts doors, hoods, and trunk lids. Seals joints and seams, using caulking gun. Fastens seats, door paneling, headliners, carpeting, molding, and other trim into position. Fills vehicle systems with brake and transmission fluids, engine coolant, and oil. May also apply precut and adhesive coated vinyl tops and pads to vehicle roofs. May also verify quality of own work and write description of defects observed on documents attached to vehicle bodies. May also enter and retrieve production data, using computer terminals. May also work as member of assembly group (team) and be assigned different work stations as production needs require or shift from one station to another to reduce fatigue factor. May also participate in group meetings to exchange job related information. May also be designated according to component assembled or installed as Assembler, Engine (automobile industry), Assembler, Seat (automobile industry), or stage of assembly as Assembler, Body (automobile industry), Assembler, Chassis (automobile industry), Assembler, Final (automobile industry), Assembler, Trim (automobile industry).

Job industry: automobile industry

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