Motorized Vehicle And Engineering Equipment Mechanics And Repairers: A description for the motorized vehicle and engineering equipment mechanics and repairers group

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Motorized Vehicle And Engineering Equipment Mechanics And Repairers – This job group consists off jobs regarding to repairing engines and accessories, power trains, suspension systems, and other mechanical units of automobiles, trucks, tractors, buses, and trackless trolleys, graders, bulldozers, cranes, power shovels, portable air-compressors, and other gasoline- or diesel-powered engineering equipment, motorized materials-handling equipment, for example forklifts and lumber carriers, and wheeled or tracked military vehicles, including personnel carriers, self-propelled guns, mobile rocket launchers, and tanks. Ordnance mechanics regarding to military armament are included in Group 632.

Job descriptions in this group:
Endless Track Vehicle Supervisor
Garage Supervisor
Motorcycle Repair Shop Supervisor
Tank And Amphibian Tractor Operations Chief
Automobile Mechanic
Automobile Mechanic Apprentice
Automobile Tester 1
Automobile Repair Service Estimator
Construction Equipment Mechanic
Electric Golf Cart Repairer
Automobile Service Station Mechanic
Automotive Cooling System Diagnostic Technician
Air Conditioning Mechanic
Exhaust Emissions Automotive Technician
Automotive Maintenance Equipment Servicer
Brake Repairer
Bus Inspector
Carburetor Mechanic
Front End Mechanic
Logging Equipment Mechanic
Maintenance Mechanic
Industrial Truck Mechanic
Motorcycle Repairer
Tractor Mechanic
Transmission Mechanic
Tune Up Mechanic
Vehicle Fuel Systems Converter
Rattle And Leak Repairer Squeak
Automobile Radiator Mechanic
Endless Track Vehicle Mechanic
Mechanical Unit Repairer
Heavy Repairer
Motorcycle Tester
Hand Spring Repairer Helper
Construction Equipment Mechanic Helper
Maintenance Mechanic Helper
Brake Drum Lathe Operator
Automobile Wrecker
Automobile Mechanic Helper
Brake Adjuster
Clutch Rebuilder
Motorcycle Subassembly Repairer
Tractor Mechanic Helper
Used Car Renovator
Automobile Brakes Bonder

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