Nitrator Operator: A description for the nitrator operator job

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Nitrator Operator: Controls equipment to combine and process acids and specified chemical ingredients to produce explosives, for example nitroglycerin, tetryl, or TNT: Admits specified ingredients, for example mixed acids and toluene compounds, to metering or weighing tanks, and regulates feed to nitrator in specified timing and sequence. Starts agitator to mix ingredients for prescribed time or until settling occurs. Observes temperature and pressure gauges and turns steam and coolant valves to regulate reaction within specified limits to prevent explosion. Transfers batch or specified components to storage tanks or other processing equipment after prescribed time or when visual inspection indicates reaction is completed. Records gauge readings, nitration time, and ingredients consumed in shift log. May also be designated according to explosive produced as Nitroglycerin-Nitrator Operator, Batch (chemical industry), Tetryl-Nitrator Operator (chemical industry), or according to intermediate materials nitrated as Binitrotoluene Operator (chemical industry), Mononitrotoluene Operator (chemical industry). May also control continuous-process equipment and be designated Biazzi-Nitrator Operator (chemical industry).

Job industry: chemical industry

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