Ordnance And Accessories Mechanics And Repairers: A description for the ordnance and accessories mechanics and repairers group

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Ordnance And Accessories Mechanics And Repairers – This job group consists off jobs regarding to repairing, modifying, and maintaining in readiness small arms, field artillery, naval weapons, fire-control apparatus, munitions, and related ordnance. Jobs regarding to ordnance fabrication are covered in Groups 694 and 736. Jobs regarding to instruments are covered in Group 711. Jobs regarding to electronic equipment are covered in Groups 722 and 823.

Job descriptions in this group:
Artillery Maintenance Supervisor
Aircraft Armament Mechanic
Fire Control Mechanic
Ordnance Artificer
Gauge And Weigh Machine Adjuster
Loading Machine Adjuster
Primer Inserting Machine Adjuster
Inspecting Machine Adjuster
Loading Unit Tool Setter
Primer Waterproofing Machine Adjuster
Rim Fire Priming Tool Setter
Varnishing Unit Tool Setter
Gun Synchronizer
Firearms Inspector
Ordnance Artificer Helper

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