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Orthotist: Provides care to patients with disabling conditions of limbs and spine by fitting and preparing orthopedic braces, under direction of and in consultation with physician: Assists in formulation of specifications for braces. Examines and evaluates patient’s needs in relation to disease and functional loss. Formulates design of orthopedic brace. Selects materials, making cast measurements, model modifications, and layouts. Performs fitting, including static and dynamic alignments. Evaluates brace on patient and makes adjustments to assure fit, function, and quality of work. Instructs patient in use of orthopedic brace. Maintains patient records. May also supervise ORTHOTICS ASSISTANTS (medical industry) 078.361-022 and other support personnel. May also supervise laboratory activities relating to development of orthopedic braces. May also lecture and demonstrate to colleagues and other professionals regarding to orthotics. May also participate in research. May also perform functions of PROSTHETIST (medical industry) 078.261-022 and be designated Orthotist-Prosthetist (medical industry).

Job industry: medical industry

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