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Pasting Machine Operator: Grid-pasting-machine operator Operates pasting machine and dryer to apply specified amount of lead-oxide paste onto grids used in making storage battery plates: Stacks grids or multiple-grid panels on bench or in automatic feeding device. Adjusts shoes (guides) on pasting machine to size of grid, using handtools. Adjusts scraper blade (wiper) and roller, according to thickness specified for plate, using wrenches. Hoists carts of paste into position near machine and shovels paste into hopper. Starts machine that automatically feeds grids or manually places grids between shoes. Weighs wet plates on scale and changes elevation of scraper to produce plate of specified weight. Installs device (pyramid) in machine that prevents pasting of center strip of panels and determines width of plates. Sets temperature of dryer. Cleans machine. Changes conveyor belts or cheesecloth cover on roller, using handtools. May also tend machine that breaks finished double-grid plates into single units. May also segregate defective plates, stack acceptable plates in box, and set aside for curing period. May also clean edges and lugs of plates, using wire brush. May also mix lead-oxide powders, water, and acids into paste.

Job industry: electrical industry

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