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Post Office Clerk: Postal clerk Performs any combination of following tasks in post office: Sells postage stamps, postal cards, and stamped envelopes. Issues money orders. Registers and insures mail and computes mailing costs of letters and parcels. Places mail into pigeonholes of mail rack, or into bags, according to state, address, name of person, organization, or other scheme. Examines mail for correct postage and cancels mail, using rubber stamp or canceling machine. Weighs parcels and letters on scale and computes mailing cost based on weight and destination. Records daily transactions. Receives complaints concerning mail delivery, mail theft, and lost mail, completes and routes appropriate forms for investigation. Answers questions pertaining to mail regulations or procedures. Posts circulars on bulletin board for public information, distributes public announcements, and assists public in complying with other federal agency requirements, for example registration of aliens. May also drive motorcycle or light truck to deliver special delivery letters. May also be employed in remote retail store contracted by post office to provide postal services and be designated Contract-Post-Office Clerk (retail industry).

Job industry: government industry

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