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Order Clerk: Customer-order clerk, order filler, order taker Processes orders for material or merchandise received by mail, telephone, or personally from customer or company employee, manually or using computer or calculating machine: Edits orders received for price and nomenclature. Informs customer of unit prices, shipping date, anticipated delays, and any additional information needed by customer, using mail or telephone. Writes or types order form, or enters data into computer, to determine total cost for customer. Records or files copy of orders received according to expected delivery date. May also ascertain credit rating of customer [CREDIT CLERK (clerical jobs) 205.367-022]. May also check inventory control and notify stock control departments of orders that would deplete stock. May also initiate purchase requisitions. May also route orders to departments for filling and follow up on orders to ensure delivery by specified dates and be designated Telephone-Order Dispatcher (clerical jobs). May also compute price, discount, sales representative’s commission, and shipping charges. May also prepare invoices and shipping documents, for example bill of lading [BILLING TYPIST (clerical jobs) 214.382-014]. May also recommend type of packing or labeling needed on order. May also receive and check customer complaints [CUSTOMER-COMPLAINT CLERK (clerical jobs) 241.367-014]. May also confer with production, sales, shipping, warehouse, or common carrier personnel to expedite or trace missing or delayed shipments. May also attempt to sell additional merchandise to customer [TELEPHONE SOLICITOR (industry) 299.357-014]. May also compile statistics and prepare various reports for management. May also be designated according to method of receiving orders as Mail-Order Clerk (clerical jobs), Telephone-Order Clerk (clerical jobs).

Job industry: clerical jobs

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