Punching Cutting Forming And Related Jobs: A description for the punching cutting forming and related jobs group

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Punching Cutting Forming And Related Jobs – This job group consists off jobs regarding to piercing textiles by means of rigid cutting tools advanced into the material to make, enlarge, or thread holes, shaping the material by means of rigid or rotary cutting tools, and otherwise giving shape or form to material.

Job descriptions in this group:
Automatic Die Cutting Machine Operator
Cutting Machine Operator 2
Rug Cutter 1
Band Saw Operator 4
Bias Cutting Machine Operator
Felt Cutting Machine Operator
Chin Strap Cutter
Continuous Pillowcase Cutter
Cuff Cutter
Cutter 2
Felt Cutter
Folder 1
Handle And Vent Machine Operator
Perforating Machine Operator 1
Pinking Machine Operator
Press Operator 7 I
Rivet Hole Puncher
Machine Scallop Cutter
Shoelace Tipping Machine Operator
Strip Cutting Machine Operator 1
Tubular Splitting Machine Tender
Welt Trimming Machine Operator
Felt Tipping Machine Tender
Rug Cutter Helper

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