Strip Cutting Machine Operator 1: A description for the strip cutting machine operator 1 job

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Strip Cutting Machine Operator 1 – Slicer, slitter Tends machine that cuts rolls of textile material into narrow rolls of specified width: Lifts roll of material onto machine bar and hammers wedge into core of roll to secure roll to bar. Turns handwheel to move rotary blade into cutting position, following markings on calibrated scale to obtain specified cutting width. Starts machine that rotates blade and roll in opposite directions. Presses lever to move rotating blade forward and cut through roll of material. Releases lever and positions blade for subsequent cut. Removes narrow rolls of material from machine and stacks rolls on shelf according to width. When cutting rolls of bias material into narrow widths, is designated Bias-Binding Cutter (textile products). May also be designated according to product cut as Band-Cutting-Machine Operator (clothing industry) (knitting industry), Binding Cutter (clothing industry) (textile industry), Facing-Cutting-Machine Operator (clothing industry), Handkerchief Cutter (textile industry), Piping-Cutting-Machine Operator (clothing industry), Suspender Cutter (clothing industry), Tape-Cutting-Machine Operator (clothing industry) (textile products).

Job industry: textile industry

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