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Radio Mechanic – Tests and repairs radio transmitting and receiving equipment in accordance with diagrams and manufacturer’s specifications, using electrical measuring instruments, wiring diagrams, and handtools: Examines equipment for damaged components and loose or broken connections and wires. Attaches test leads or plugs in test equipment to unit being tested, turns knobs on equipment to specified settings, and observes dial readings to test radio circuitry for defects. Tests equipment for factors for example power output, frequency power, noise level, audio quality, and dial calibration, using oscilloscopes, radio frequency and wattmeter, ammeters, and voltmeters. Replaces defective components and parts, for example transistors, coils, and integrated circuits, using soldering iron, wire cutters, and handtools. Removes and replaces defective units that are not repairable. Inserts plugs into receptacles and bolts or screws leads to terminals to connect radios and equipment to power source, using handtools. Turns setscrews to adjust receivers for sensitivity and transmitters for maximum output. Tests batteries with hydrometer and ammeter and charges batteries. Required to have Federal Communications Commission Radiotelephone Operator’s license. May also install, test, adjust, modify, and repair intercommunication systems. May also specialize in testing and repairing radio transmitting and receiving equipment in motor vehicles and commercial and government establishments.

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