Cell Repairer 1: A description for the cell repairer 1 job

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Cell Repairer 1 – Assembles, installs, maintains, and repairs electrolytic cells, performing any combination of following duties: Starts concrete mixer and pours concrete slurry into assembled molds to cast sections of electrolytic cells, for example tops, bottoms, rings, and partitions [CELL MAKER (chemical industry)]. Positions copper bars, graphite blades, or carbon electrodes in cylindrical form (jig), and secures them by pouring molten lead into jig to fabricate anode units [ANODE BUILDER (chemical industry)]. Wraps asbestos diaphragm paper and perforated steel screen around jig assembly to fabricate cathode pots [POT BUILDER (chemical industry)]. Disconnects, dismantles, and replaces spent or defective electrolytic cell units, for example anodes and cathodes [CELL CHANGER (chemical industry)]. Cleans electrolytic cells, cell assemblies and glassware, and washes cathode screens to remove asbestos [CELL CLEANER (chemical industry)]. Coats cathode screens by dipping screens in asbestos slurry [CATHODE MAKER (chemical industry)]. Records data, for example condition of cell units, parts used, and date of change. May also inspect defective cells and measure voltage drop, using voltmeter. May also bolt current jumper to adjacent cells to shunt current around defective cell.

Job industry: chemical industry

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