Rail Equipment Mechanics And Repairers: A description for the rail equipment mechanics and repairers group

Machine Trades Jobs » Mechanics And Machinery Repairers » Rail Equipment Mechanics And Repairers

Rail Equipment Mechanics And Repairers – This job group consists off jobs regarding to inspecting and repairing surface and subsurface railway equipment.

Job descriptions in this group:
Railroad Car Repair Supervisor
Roundhouse Supervisor
Wheel Shop Supervisor
Brake Repair Supervisor
Car And Yard Supervisor
Railroad Brake Repairer
Locomotive Inspector
Air Valve Repairer
Car Repairer
Pullman Car Repairer
Car Repairer Apprentice
Floor Covering Layer
Mine Car Repairer
Railroad Wheels And Axle Inspector
Salvage Inspector 1
Triple Air Valve Tester
Air Compressor Mechanic
Car Repairer Helper
Switch Repairer
Tank Car Inspector

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