Shipping Receiving Stock And Related Clerical Jobs: A description for the shipping receiving stock and related clerical jobs group

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Shipping Receiving Stock And Related Clerical Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to receiving, storing, shipping, distributing, and issuing supplies, equipment, and merchandise within a stockroom, toolcrib, receiving room, shipping room, freight yard, or warehouse environment, but excludes jobs not requiring direct contact with materials or products involved. This job group also consists off checking incoming or outgoing shipments by such methods as counting, measuring, and weighing, distributing, issuing and requisitioning items, taking and maintaining inventories, and keeping related clerical records, gathering, sorting, and packing items for shipment, manually addressing and affixing postage to packages, and unpacking and storing incoming shipments. Jobs regarding to adding or removing materials or products to or from containers to achieve specified weight are included in Categories 5 through 9. Jobs regarding to computing and recording data related to shipping, receiving, storing and related activities, but having no direct contact with materials or products involved, are found in Division 20 or 21.

Job descriptions in this group:
Film Vault Supervisor
Linen Room Supervisor
Magazine Supervisor
Mailroom Supervisor 1
Petroleum Inspector Supervisor
Shipping And Receiving Supervisor
Stock Supervisor
Stock Control Supervisor
Assembly Stock Supervisor
Tool Crib Supervisor
Vault Cashier
Metal Control Coordinator
Cargo Checker
Cut File Clerk
Express Clerk
Film Or Tape Librarian
Floor Space Allocator
Lost And Found Clerk
Magazine Keeper
Parts Clerk
Petroleum Inspector
Lens And Frames Prescription Clerk
Property Clerk
Tool Crib Attendant
Truckload Checker
Service Order Expediter
Receiving Inspector
Aircraft Shipping Checker
Car Checker
Fuel Oil Clerk
Gun Repair Clerk
Inventory Clerk
Linen Room Attendant
Material Clerk
Parcel Post Clerk
Property Custodian
Returned Telephone Equipment Appraiser
Shipping And Receiving Clerk
Sorter Pricer
Stock Clerk
Sample Clerk 1
Shipping And Receiving Weigher
Tank Truck Milk Receiver
Bakery Products Checker
Order Filler
Grain Elevator Clerk
Ship Runner
Slot Tag Inserter
Milk Receiver
Braille And Talking Books Clerk
Distributing Clerk
Kitchen Clerk
Laboratory Clerk
Mailer Apprentice
Route Delivery Clerk
Wool Sampler
Swatch Clerk
Transformer Stock Clerk
Vault Worker
Meat Clerk
Checker 1
Garment Sorter
Receiving Checker
Routing Clerk
Sample Display Preparer
Shipping Checker
Tooth Clerk
Handbag Frames Inspector
Protective Clothing Issuer

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