Tank Truck Milk Receiver: A description for the tank truck milk receiver job

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Tank Truck Milk Receiver: Bulk intake worker Tends pump that pumps incoming milk from tank trucks to storage tank, and computes and records volume of milk received: Weighs loaded truck on platform scale and records weight on record sheet. Dips and pours sample of milk from vent hole of truck into bottle for laboratory analysis. Tastes and takes temperature of milk, and records taste data and temperature reading. Connects plastic hose between sanitary valves of truck and storage tank, starts pump, and turns valves to transfer milk to tank. Stops pump when transfer is completed, reads milk-flow meter, and records volume pumped on record sheet. Disconnects plastic hose from truck tank and connects nozzle of tank-cleaning system to vent hole of tank. Starts equipment that automatically rinses, washes, and sanitizes interior of tank. Removes nozzle and seals vent hole. Washes exterior of truck and pumping equipment, using brushes, detergent solution, and water hose. Weighs empty truck and records weight. Computes difference between loaded and unloaded weights of truck to verify accuracy of meter.

Job industry: dairy industry

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