Trouble Shooter 2: A description for the trouble shooter 2 job

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Trouble Shooter 2 – Locates source of electric power line disturbance or failure and replaces or repairs defective equipment and accessories: Proceeds to troubled sector as directed by DISPATCHER, SERVICE OR WORK (power industry) or joins line crew under supervision of LINE SUPERVISOR (power industry). Tests power lines and auxiliary equipment to identify defective voltage regulators, transformers, switches, and related accessories causing line disturbances, for example voltage fluctuations, using direct reading and recording electrical testing instruments. Climbs poles and towers to repair or replace overhead conductors, switches, transformers, fuses, and related equipment, using precautionary work methods and insulated tools, ladders, and platforms when working on or near energized circuits. Opens switches to deenergize disturbed or fallen lines to facilitate repairs or to remove electrical hazards. May also repair street-light circuitry. May also locate and correct electrical trouble in building circuits. May also install watt-hour meters and connect service drops between power line and consumer. May also patrol power lines and periodically telephone dispatcher’s office for trouble assignments. May also respond to fire alarms to disconnect power from buildings and extinguish fires on power poles or other utility property.

Job industry: power industry

Other job descriptions:
Trouble Shooter 2
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