Sintering Press Operator: A description for the sintering press operator job

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Sintering Press Operator – Briquette-press operator, coining-press operator, compact-press operator Tends mechanical or hydraulic presses which compress metal powders into parts, for example bearings, gears, filters, and rings, and coin them to specified size: Pours metal powder into hopper. Starts press, observes operation, and notifies PRESS SETTER (primary industry) (mill industry) of malfunctions. Examines finished part for nicks, burrs, and cracks. Weighs parts on scale and measures dimensions, using micrometers or fixed gauges, to ensure conformance to specifications. May also adjust shuttle mechanism to regulate amount of powder in part. Places finished parts on tray or in stock pan. May also write identifying information, for example mix number, number of parts, and date, on tag and attach it to tray or pan. Feeds parts into coining press to correct distortions created in sinking process. Removes parts from press and inspects them for burrs or other imperfections. Places parts on tray or in stock pan. May also tend forming presses that fabricate clockwork parts from powdered metal.

Job industry: primary industry mill industry

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