Metalworking Jobs Nec: A description for the metalworking jobs nec division

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Metalworking Jobs Nec – This job division consists off jobs, not elsewhere classified, regarding to shaping and conditioning metal by rolling, forging, extruding, drawing out, punching, shearing, blanking, and pressworking. The punching, shearing, blanking, and pressworking of nonmetallic materials, except wood, are also included when the methods and machine tools commonly applied to the working of metal are used.

Job groups in this division:
Hammer Forging Jobs
Press Forging Jobs
Forging Jobs Nec
Sheet And Bar Rolling Jobs
Extruding And Drawing Jobs
Punching And Shearing Jobs
Fabricating Machine Jobs
Forming Jobs Nec 1
Miscellaneous Metalworking Jobs Nec

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