Soybean Specialties Cook: A description for the soybean specialties cook job

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Soybean Specialties Cook: Tends equipment that processes soybeans to make soymilk, tofu, tempeh, and related products: Pours specified quantity of presoaked soybeans into mill hopper and depresses button to start grinding of beans and flow of bean mash into steam-jacketed cooker. Adds specified amount of water to mash and stirs mash to prevent burns and boilovers, using paddle. Sprays cooker exterior with water to maintain temperature in acceptable range. At end of prescribed time, turns valve to allow mash to flow into filter-lined hydraulic press tub. Depresses controls to actuate press that expresses soymilk from mash and pumps milk into vats. Heats and injects additives into soymilk to form curd, using syringe, skims off and discards surface residue, using ladle, and places weights on curd to express whey from curd to form tofu. Adds flavorings and stabilizers to soymilk and cooks and freezes mix, using steam cooker and freezing machine, to make soy ice cream. Cooks whole soybeans, mixes tempeh mold with cooked rice to make tempeh starter, and mixes incubated starter with cooked soybeans to form tempeh. Fills packaging containers with product, following prescribed procedures. May also blend and cook bean mash or processed soy products with other ingredients to prepare ready-to-eat packaged foods. May also be designated according to product prepared as Soyfreeze Operator (food industry), Tempeh Maker (food industry), Tofu Maker (food industry).

Job industry: food industry

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