Special Industry Machinery Mechanics: A description for the special industry machinery mechanics group

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Special Industry Machinery Mechanics – This job group consists off jobs regarding to repairing machines and equipment designed to perform specialized functions in the manufacture of specific products, or to perform particular functions commonly found in an industry or in a group of related industries.

Job descriptions in this group:
Bakery Machine Mechanic Supervisor
Oil Field Equipment Mechanic Supervisor
Laundry Machine Mechanic
Head Wet Process Miller
Powder Line Repairer
Electronic Production Line Maintenance Mechanic
Maintenance Mechanic 1
Bakery Machine Mechanic
Cellophane Casting Machine Repairer
Dairy Equipment Repairer
Forming Machine Adjuster
Maintenance Mechanic 2
Pump Mechanic
Machine Clothing Replacer
Foiling Machine Adjuster
Oil Field Equipment Mechanic
Machine Tester
Roll Grinder
Curing Press Maintainer
Head Assistant Wet Process Miller

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