Steam Conditioner Operator: A description for the steam conditioner operator job

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Steam Conditioner Operator: Tends equipment that injects steam into opened hogsheads of tobacco to order tobacco prior to further processing: Slips end of perforated metal tube over holder of hydraulic press, pushes hogshead under tube, and presses button to activate mechanism that pushes tube into center of tobacco. Presses button to release tube and raise press. Pulls hogshead from bed of press, throws canvas cover over top of hogshead, pushes hogshead into steam chamber, and connects flexible hose to end of tube protruding from top of hogshead. Presses buttons to lower door to seal chamber and to activate steam. Turns knobs to build up steam pressure and to activate air pressure that forces steam through air vents of tube into tobacco. Sets timer and observes light that signals when tobacco has been conditioned to specifications. Flips switch to activate exhaust mechanism that removes steam from chamber. Presses button to raise door. Pulls hogshead from chamber and removes tube from hogshead, using overhead chain hoist. Pushes hogshead to feeder conveyor.

Job industry: tobacco industry

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