Culturing Melting Fermenting Distilling Saturating Pickling Aging And Related Jobs: A description for the culturing melting fermenting distilling saturating pickling aging and related jobs group

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Culturing Melting Fermenting Distilling Saturating Pickling Aging And Related Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to growing bacteria or other microorganisms in materials, liquefying solid materials by means of heat, breaking down complex molecules in organic compounds by the introduction of a ferment for example yeast, heating a mixture to separate the more volatile from the less volatile parts and then cooling and condensing the resulting vapor to produce a nearly pure or refined substance, soaking thoroughly, filling, charging, or treating a substance with another so that no more can be taken up, preserving and flavoring materials or products by immersing, coating, or injecting them with preservatives, and subjecting materials or products to the effects of time.

Job descriptions in this group:
Melt House Supervisor
Distilling Department Supervisor
Malt House Supervisor
Brineyard Supervisor
Training Technician
Yeast Distiller
Cottage Cheese Maker
Fermentation Operator
Liquor Blender
Mash Tub Cooker Operator
Still Operator 2
Still Operator 1
Sugar Boiler
Vinegar Maker
Fish Roe Technician
Steep Tender
Pickling Solution Maker
Olive Brine Tester
Germination Worker
Carbonation Tester
Fermenting Cellars Receiver
Redrying Machine Operator
Filter Tender
Yeast Pusher
Liquor Inspector
Kettle Operator 1
Ordering Machine Operator
Blending Machine Operator
Brewery Cellar Worker
Brine Maker 1
Brine Maker 2
Carbonation Equipment Tender
Casing Machine Operator
Corn Cooker
Curing Bin Operator
De Alcoholizer
Dorr Operator
Fermenting Cellar Dropper
Drum Loader And Unloader
Wine Fermenter
Fish Smoker
Honey Processor
Malt House Operator
Molasses Preparer
Pickle Pumper
Seed Yeast Operator
Steam Conditioner Operator
Still Operator
Vacuum Conditioner Operator
Wringer Operator
Yeast Fermentation Attendant
Barley Steeper
Chip Washer
General Helper
Barrel Filler 1
Filler Room Attendant
Leaf Conditioner
Leaf Conditioner Helper
Pickler 1
Wrapper Hands Sprayer
Fish Roe Processor

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