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Stonemason – Sets stone to build stone structures, for example piers, walls, and abutments, or lays walks, curbstones, or special types of masonry, for example alberene (acid-resistant soapstone for vats, tanks, and floors), using mason’s tools: Shapes stone preparatory to setting, using chisel, hammer, and other shaping tools. Spreads mortar over stone and foundation with trowel and sets stone in place by hand or with aid of crane. Aligns stone with plumbline and finishes joints between stone with pointing trowel. May also spread mortar along mortar guides to ensure joints of uniform thickness. May also clean surface of finished wall to remove mortar, using muriatic acid and brush. May also be designated according to masonry work performed as Alberene-Stone Setter (construction industry), Artificial-Stone Setter (construction industry), Curb Setter (construction industry), Flagsetter (construction industry), Granite Setter (construction industry), Gutter-Mouth Cutter (construction industry). May also set cut and dressed ornamental and structural stone in buildings and be designated Stone Setter (construction industry).

Job industry: construction industry

Other job descriptions:
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