Stroke Belt Sander Operator: A description for the stroke belt sander operator job

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Stroke Belt Sander Operator – Operates stroke-belt sanding machine to smooth flat surfaces or edges of wood furniture stock: Turns handwheels to set tension of sanding belt, adjust machine table height, and limit stroke of pressure shoe, according to thickness and length of stock. Presses switch to start sander, and positions woodstock to be sanded on movable table located under sanding belt. Presses lever to lower pressure shoe onto sanding belt and force belt against surface of stock to sand stock. Pushes or pulls table to move stock under belt to smooth entire surface. Feels sanded article to ascertain smoothness. Cleans machine, using airhose and rags. Replaces worn sanding belts. May also press belt against stock with pressure blocks to bevel corners and edges of stock or to smooth flat surfaces of ornamental stock.

Job industry: wood working

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