Structural Repairers Transportation Equipment: A description for the structural repairers transportation equipment group

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Structural Repairers Transportation Equipment – This job group consists off jobs regarding to repairing vehicle bodies, parts, components, and attachments for such transportation equipment as automobiles, aircraft, rail equipment, motorcycles, boats, travel trailers, motor homes, and military vehicles.

Job descriptions in this group:
Automobile Body Repair Supervisor
Aircraft Body Repairer
Shop Estimator
Truck Body Builder
Automobile Body Customizer
Boat Repairer
Automobile Body Repairer
Bonded Structures Repairer
Frame Repairer 2
Service Mechanic
Streetcar Repairer
Fiberglass Auto Body Repairer
Frame Straightener
Muffler Installer
Flatcar Whacker
Automobile Bumper Straightener
Plastic Boat Patcher
Aircraft Skin Burnisher
Spring Floor Service Worker
Soft Top Installer
Water Leak Repairer
Automobile Body Repairer Helper
Streetcar Repairer Helper

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