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Reservations Manager: Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in taking, recording, and canceling reservations in front office of hotel: Sorts reservations received by mail into current (up to 3 days) and future (over 3 days). Sends futures to reservation center in other hotel of chain. Gives current reservations to clerks for computerization. Receives contracts detailing room allotments for conventions from sales representative and feeds information into terminal. Corresponds with groups and travel agents to answer special requests for rooms and rates. Verifies that daily printouts listing guests’ arrivals and individual guest folios are received by Room Clerks (restaurant industry). Maintains weekly attendance sheet and sends to payroll department. Delegates assistants to train clerks in taking telephone reservations and in operating computer terminals and printers to store and receive reservation data. Reschedules workers to accommodate arrivals of conventions and other groups. Recommends promotion and discharge of workers to MANAGER, FRONT OFFICE (restaurant industry). Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR (clerical jobs) Master Title.

Job industry: restaurant industry

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