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Computer Operations Supervisor: Chief console operator, supervisor, data processing Supervises and coordinates activities of workers operating computers and peripheral equipment: Assigns staff and schedules work to facilitate production. Directs training or trains workers to operate computer and peripheral equipment. Confers with programmers and operates computer to test new and modified programs. Directs operation of computer to execute program, and observes operation to detect error or failure in progress of program. Reads monitor and enters commands to help computer operators identify and correct errors. Revises input data and program to continue operation of program, using computer terminal. Notifies programming and maintenance personnel if unable to locate and correct cause of processing error or failure. Revises operation schedule to adjust for delays, or notifies scheduling workers of need to adjust schedule. Prepares or reviews production, operating, and down time records and reports. Recommends changes in programs, routines, and quality control standards to improve computer operating efficiency. Consults with supervisor about problems, for example equipment performance, output quality, and maintenance schedule. Coordinates flow of work between shifts to ensure continuity. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR (clerical jobs) Master Title.

Job industry: clerical jobs

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