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Treater Helper: Assists TREATER (petroleum industry) in processing petroleum products, for example gasoline, kerosene, oils, and wax, with chemicals, steam, water, or air to remove impurities, for example sulfur: Examines pipelines and valves for leaks. Turns valves to charge equipment with product to be treated and to draw off water and spent chemicals after treatment and separation. Adds treating chemicals, for example sulfur and litharge, to product by turning valves or by dumping chemicals directly into equipment. Lubricates, adjusts, and performs minor maintenance on equipment and machinery as directed. May also regulate pump speeds to control circulation of solution and product through unit. May also gauge tanks with calibrated rod or tape to determine quantity of content [GAUGER (gas industry) (petroleum industry) (pipe industry)]. May also make chemical, specific gravity, and color tests of product and treating solution to determine process conditions. May also draw samples of product for laboratory analysis. Performs other duties as described under HELPER (industry) Master Title.

Job industry: petroleum industry

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