Accommodation Clerks And Gate And Ticket Agents: A description for the accommodation clerks and gate and ticket agents group

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Accommodation Clerks And Gate And Ticket Agents: This job group consists off jobs regarding to planning, scheduling, reserving, or otherwise arranging accommodations, for example transportation, lodging, and recreation, for customers, guests, employees, and government and military personnel, when direct personal or telephone contact is involved. Includes ticket agents engaged in assigning and reserving space, selling tickets, and providing travel information to patrons of transportation agency. Also included in this group are gate agents who check tickets and assist passengers at airports. Travel agents engaged in selling and arranging travel and lodging services on a commission basis are found in Group 252.

Job descriptions in this group:
Reservations Manager
Senior Reservations Agent
Gate Services Supervisor
Ticket Sales Supervisor
Travel Clerk
Automobile Club Travel Counselor
Reservation Clerk
Gate Agent
Reservation Clerk 1
Reservations Agent
Space Scheduler
Ticket Agent
Travel Clerk 1
Hotel Clerk

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