Accounting And Statistical Clerks: A description for the accounting and statistical clerks group

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Accounting And Statistical Clerks: This job group consists off jobs regarding to computing, calculating, and posting of financial, statistical, and numerical data to maintain accounting records, to use in statistical studies, and to record details of business transactions. Jobs which require knowledge of bookkeeping principles and which are regarding to classifying, recording, and summarizing numerical data, and with making computations to compile and keep financial records are found in Group 210. Jobs regarding to managing, controlling, and monitoring operations of computers and peripheral equipment are found in Group 213. Jobs regarding to making computations for purposes of preparing or verifying bills and statements of amounts due for items purchased or services rendered are found in Group 214. Jobs regarding to making computations and transcribing data to payroll and timekeeping records are found in Group 215.

Job descriptions in this group:
Accounting Clerks Supervisor
Securities Vault Supervisor
Cost And Sales Record Supervisor
Head Transfer Clerk
Collection Clerk
Food And Beverage Controller
Mortgage Accounting Clerk
Reserves Clerk
Electronic Funds Transfer Coordinator
Margin Clerk 1
Transfer Clerk
Trust Vault Clerk
Budget Clerk
Clearing House Clerk
Cost Clerk
Margin Clerk 2
Policy Value Calculator
Receipt And Report Clerk
Returned Item Clerk
Statistical Clerk
Advertising Statistical Clerk
Booking Prizer
Accounting Clerk
Audit Machine Operator
Calculating Machine Operator
Dividend Deposit Voucher Clerk
Laundry Pricing Clerk
Dividend Clerk
Ticket Marker
Booking Clerk
Gas Usage Meter Clerk

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