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Cost And Sales Record Supervisor: Rate-and-cost analyst, statistician Supervises and coordinates activities of STATISTICAL CLERKS (clerical jobs) engaged in compiling power-generation and transmission data, preparing charts and graphs, and in making statistical computation for utility district: Directs maintenance and storage of records, for example maps, right-of-way deeds, and joint-use agreements. Compiles running totals of power produced by various generating units and totals of power exchanged with connecting systems, using calculator and adding machine. Analyzes and interprets trends to assist in planning budgets and construction expenditures, conferring with management, department heads, and large industrial customers. Directs preparation of power-generation and transmission charts and graphs to show trends in sales, operating costs, and revenue of company. May also assist in making rate analyses, applying statistical method to investigate comparative rates with other utilities and to calculate rate formulas. May also compile data for various power consumption reports required by government and utility associations. May also compute percentages of monthly increase or decrease in gas consumption. May also calculate sellers’ weekly commissions. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR (clerical jobs) Master Title.

Job industry: power industry

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