Securities Vault Supervisor: A description for the securities vault supervisor job

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Securities Vault Supervisor: Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in recording securities transactions and receiving and delivering securities to and from trust vault and oversees vault safekeeping procedures and controls: Plans and directs activities of workers engaged in recording securities interest and dividends and maintaining securities transaction records. Plans and implements procedures for safekeeping of securities. Explains safekeeping policies and procedures to workers and oversees compliance with procedures. Assigns vault combination numbers and changes combination periodically. Sets vault clock daily for following morning opening time. Reviews visitor register to verify that only authorized persons were admitted to vault. Examines trust securities stored in vault, verifies descriptions, signatures, and certificate or serial numbers, and computes total value of all securities, using calculator or computer, to assist bank AUDITOR (professional industry) 160.167-054 in performing audits. Reviews securities documents to ensure that documents correspond with descriptions on delivery-request ticket prepared by TRUST-VAULT CLERK (financial industry) 216.367-014 for delivery to authorized persons. Performs duties as described under SUPERVISOR (clerical jobs) Master Title.

Job industry: financial industry

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