Shellfish Grower: A description for the shellfish grower job

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Shellfish Grower: Oyster culturist Cultivates and harvests beds of shellfish, for example clams and oysters: Lays out and stakes tide flats (ground beneath shallow water near shoreline). Piles up stone, poles, and mud, using farm tractor and hand implements to make dikes to control water drainage at low tide. Removes debris by hand and levels soil with tractor and harrow. Sows spat by hand or with shovel or sets out strings or baskets of shells onto which spat attaches. Covers seeded area with mixture of sand and broken shells or transfers seeded strings or baskets to growing area. Rigs net or star mop (mop of heavy rope yarn) and drags it over bed behind power boat to entangle and remove shellfish predators, for example crabs and starfish. Walks about bed at low tide, and scoops or digs shellfish and piles them onto barge or mud sled, using pitchfork or shovel. Packs shellfish, according to market specifications, in containers and returns small ones to bed. Poles barge to wharf at high tide or pulls it, using boat. Drags mud sled from bed, using tractor. May also pour oil around bed and spread oil-treated sand over bed with shovel to form chemical barrier to shellfish predators. May also reach from boat with rake-tongs and grope for shellfish by moving handles to open and close tongs. May also supervise workers who cultivate and harvest bed. May also negotiate with buyers for sale of crop. May also be designated according to type of shellfish grown as Clam Grower (fishing industry), Oyster Grower (fishing industry).

Job industry: fishing industry

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